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Why deviceTRUST?

The virtualization and remoting of corporate applications and desktops is now an established delivery technology, enabling employees to work from any location, on any device, at any time.

This technology requires more information about the user and their connected device to be made available to the virtual session.

deviceTRUST, with its Patent Pending Technology, delivers this detailed context of the connected device and the user into the virtual session, providing a dynamic, secure and compliant workspace.

Simple. Dynamic. Integrated.



  • No additional infrastructure required
  • Connected device context is available inside the virtual session
  • This context can be easily consumed from registry keys or environment variables
  • Works seamlessly with both internal and external network access to the virtual session
  • Transparently integrates with existing VPN solutions


  • Changes to the connected device results in immediate update to the context within the virtual session
  • Dynamic triggers allow the desktop to react to these changes
  • Triggers can be used to execute custom scripts


  • Connected device context written to the Windows Event Log
  • Windows Event Log can be easily integrated with exisiting SIEM and reporting solutions