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Challenge - Today, a large majority of companies face the problem that there is a distinct lack of appropriate tools and resources, that means IT Administrators are unable to offer a fast and simple overview of which users have access to which data. This uncontrolled growth of access rights leaves the company’s critical data unprotected, leading to a security risk with real financial and business impacts.

8MAN is a unique access rights management solution that brings a new level of comfort in handling complex tasks related to user-provisioning, tracking and monitoring – helping businesses establish a robust security framework to successfully minimise exposure to Insider threats. 8MAN provides:

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Security Through Evolution

No matter the size of an organisation, two factors are always important: scalability and performance. 8MAN’s unique scan technology provides outstanding speed within a stable multi-layer architecture. This process works effortlessly with large number of users and file servers. All types of organisations can benefit from this flexibility, ranging from mid-sized companies and international enterprises to public sector agencies.

Browse Permissions

The 8MAN graphical interface displays the existing rights situation in AD group structures, NTFS permissions and SharePoint, down to the individual user level. This provides a quick and simple overview of current rights structures in the form of a graph, list or tree structure, depending on your preference.

Access Reports

Seemingly simple questions like "Who actually has access to this directory?" or "Which folders are available to Mrs. Smith?" are extremely difficult to answer if limited to native tools. Using 8MAN you can easily run reports on all file server and SharePoint environments. This is done automatically and effortlessly and can easily show and document where users or groups have full, limited or even no access.

Manage Users

When creating or editing user accounts in Active Directory, assigning rights on file servers or SharePoint, 8MAN supports the requirements of HR, IT and help desk members. The use of role based templates ensures a ra ts. 8MAN allows you to trigger scripts, enabling a wide variety of new functionality related to any Active Directory object. The integrated logbook documents all activities and fulfills various compliance requirements.

Involve Data Owners

Department heads and their executives know which permissions are relevant for their employees. The 8MAN Data Owner functionality allows department heads themselves to decide on defined processes concerning who can access their files and directories.

Group Wizard

Structured naming conventions are enforced when groups are being created, thus making the adherance to corporate polices and predefined naming schemes a breeze.

Temporary Permissions

Project staff, trainees or temporary employees usually need their access rights for only a limited period of time. Through 8MAN's temporary access rights, provided rights or group memberships are automatically withdrawn after a predefined period of time.

Global Log Book

All actions performed within 8MAN are recorded in a global logbook, with associated comments or notes displayed. Information can be filtered and formatted as required.

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