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Absio Corporation is a software company pioneering new ways to secure and control digital information. Current cybersecurity technologies focus on indirectly controlling the environments that house data in storage and in transit, but do nothing to directly control the data itself. Absio’s patented technology enables automatic, persistent control of data in storage, in transit and in use, making your information only accessible and usable according to your rules.

Absio Technology

Absio offers a low-code, cross-platform ecosystem for securely storing, transmitting, and sharing data both inside and outside a network, enabling software developers to integrate powerful security features directly into the applications they build without needing to become security experts. Absio technology is available as a suite of software development kits (SDKs) and an optional server application that can be hosted by the organization on-premise or in the cloud. Absio SDKs are available in C#, JavaScript and Node.js, and can be used as a library or to create command line utilities or services depending on the specific requirements of the application

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