Short Profile

Founded in 2008, Allgress helps enterprise security and risk professionals solve the problem of how to assess, understand and manage corporate risk.

Allgress Business Risk Intelligence solutions converge disparate risk silos across global enterprise networks and automate governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) management processes. Powered by the patented Allgress Business Risk Intelligence engine, the company's products, solutions and CISO reporting tools provide customers with heat maps and compliance assessment reports that reveal a comprehensive, immediate and intuitive picture of their organizations' security and compliance risk posture.

Allgress’s solution is preconfigured with a number of industry standards, including UCF, SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO, etc.

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Incident Management

The Allgress Incident Management Module enables security and risk professionals to simplify the management of security incidents and investigations.

Vulnerability Analysis

The Allgress Vulnerability Analysis Module provides an efficient approach to prioritizing and remediating information security vulnerabilities based on the business impact of the asset

Risk Analysis

The Allgress Risk Modules streamline the risk management process, enabling you to quickly articulate your risk posture.  

Compliance Assessment

Demonstrating compliance needs to be done in a method that is consistent, repeatable and defensible. Spreadsheets and pivot tables are time-consuming and error prone. Allgress provides the automation necessary to aggregate and interpret the information in a meaningful way to a variety of audiences.

Policy & Procedures

The Allgress Policy Module allows for centralized management of internal security and regulatory policies & procedures and their associated SLA’s. The module provides full life-cycle management including policy definition, collaborative authoring & approval flows, exception management, policy attestation and tracking.


The Allgress Survey Module streamlines regulatory and non-regulatory based assessments, allowing you to more effectively manage enterprise risk.

Risk Register

The Allgress Risk Register measures multi-level quantitative and qualitative risks and identifies key information security risks that should be considered in broader enterprise-wide operational risk models.