Short Profile

SecurEnvoy are the Inventors & Pioneers of Tokenless 2FA operating in over 45 Countries, making them uniquely positioned as a global leader in multi-factor authentication. SecurEnvoy is a 15-year-old international security software firm that focuses on flexible two-factor authentication solutions. Their flagship technology, SecurAccess, delivers a seamless, cost-effective solution for increased device and user security while embracing the BYOT-(bring your own token) methodology integrating the broadest range of tokenless solutions in the market today. SecurEnvoy makes security easy! Easy to Deploy & Easy to Integrate.

  720 388 1177 ext 3103

Software Overview

Integrations with Your Favorite Vendors

SecurEnvoy solutions were designed by a team that understands the increasing demands on security infrastructure. We integrate with every major technology platform – making authentication easier and faster to deploy.

  • Office 365
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • SalesForce
  • Slack

User Benefits:

  • Mobile application available to all smart phones and desktop/laptop environments
  • User can choose from a large variety of authentication options. It's user's choice for security - without compromise.
  • No need to remember an additional secret piece of information as they can reuse the Microsoft or LDAP passwords.
  • End users only needs to enter one thing they know rather than two pieces of information as many other multi-factor systems require a separate PIN.
  • No need to carry or remember additional authentication devices.
  • Dynamically updating the previous SMS message removes the need to delete old text messages