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Veriato, an innovator in actionable User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and a global leader in insider threat protection, has announced that the company will now offer Cerebral – an integrated and comprehensive insider threat intelligence platform, powered by Veriato AI (artificial intelligence).

Cerebral is a complete insider threat intelligence platform that integrates behavioral analytics (UEBA), user activity monitoring (UAM) and data breach response (DBR) into a single powerful solution that enables security teams to identify and lock down insider threats with a speed and level of confidence not previously available.

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Software Overview

Endpoint Monitoring and User Behavior Analytics

Veriato AI continually monitors every endpoint and builds a digital fingerprint for each user and group. When there are anomalies, pattern variations or significant variations from the established baselines, an alert is triggered so that the investigation and remediation can begin immediately, often before real damage is done.

To create a dynamic digital fingerprint for all end-users on a network Veriato AI analyses:

• Files & document activity

• Web & dark web activity

• Network usage

• Chat & IMS

• Email activity

• Program usage

• Geolocation

• Imposter indicators and more...

Security Solutions


• Veriato’s proprietary AI algorithm detects disgruntled users by monitoring their sentiment for possible threats.

• WATCHING – Cerebral continually watches the behavior of all users…

• ANALYZING – Veriato AI continually analyzes all user behavior for threats…

• ALERTING – As soon as a threat is detected Cerebral alerts the security team…

• SEEING – Cerebrals Time Capsule DVR provides immediate video…

• REACTING – Veriato playback provides for immediate reaction with 100% confidence…

• EYES ON GLASS – Watch video playback of a user’s on-screen actions from 5 minute ago to 5 days ago. These videos can be exported as JPG or AVI files and used as legal evidence.

• Veriato solutions scale from a small physician practice to any size enterprise institution which makes them extremely flexible to just about any configuration. 

Additional Information

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