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Absio Dispatch®

Absio Dispatch - the only complete email security solution

Absio Dispatch®, originally designed to secure battlefield communications, enables all the great features of email, and provides the security and control no set of partial solutions, even in combination, can provide.

Dispatch® has patented software technology which addresses the core weakness every data breach exploits: software applications manufacture files that are defenseless and uncontrolled by default. For example, if someone gets a Word document with sensitive information which you have sent unprotected in an email that has sensitive information in it, whether from you or from someone you've shared it with, they can make unlimited copies of it, change it and send it to anyone they want, and you can't stop it. In fact, you would never know it was happening. Absio's technology makes that file secure and controlled by default, so that it can only be accessed on devices you specifically allow seamlessly and with a multitude of permanent controls. We do this without relying on the security (or lack of security) of the network or device where the file may be stored.

  • 91% of malware is done via phishing and spear phishing (Source: Trend Micro's Spear-Phishing report)
  • 17 - average number of external email servers email passes through on its way to the recipient (Source: Retuers/Holden)
  • $1.2B+ losses from business email compromise (BEC) aka "CEO fraud" (Source: FBI PSA 8.2015)

Instead of thinking of secure email as a means of one-way notification (like those systems we all hate that our banks use), Dispatch® returns email to what it was designed to be - a convenient, efficient means of two-way communication and information exchange, but secure on all devices and servers, without any third-party or government ever able to read the data. Dispatch® also allow senders to determine how and how long recipients can use the email data, and by cryptographically authenticating users with each other, it virtually eliminates the possibility a Dispatch user could be impersonated in a phishing or spear phishing attack - which by itself thwarts up to 90% of the malware attacks on a business.

A primary concern many CSO and CIO's are faced with is the existence and security of encryption keys - Absio never has access to your private encryption keys and can't read your emails or attachments, all the while allowing an organization to access and control its own content.
Messages are only decrypted one-at-a-time while being read, and are re-encrypted when closed, so even if someone gets your username, password and device, they can only read one message at a time. 
Messages remain encrypted on both sender and recipient devices, so you don't have to worry about your recipient's network or device security.
Without needing another application, senders can apply full distribution controls to their messages and attachments, ensuring recipients can only take actions (e.g., forward, save, etc.), or have access to the messages, in the way you intend.
Dispatch is available for virtually every operating environment used by a business, including as a plug-in to Outlook for Windows®, and as a standalone application for Mac®, Windows®, Android™ and iOS® devices. Dispatch also integrates with your existing information security systems, including data loss prevention, threat mitigation, and email archiving tools.