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Heimdal Security

Heimdal's cyber security suite actively protects users against sophisticated cyber criminal actions, such as financial malware.

Online traffic algorithms, usage statistics and strong knowledge of the cyber criminal infrastructure power Heimdal's innovative technology.

Instead of relying strictly on signature and access detection, Heimdal takes protection one step further and ensures proactive, increased security compared to traditional antivirus products.

Heimdal Technology at a Glance

Unique traffic based PC protection, combined with a Enterprise scale patching system.

Antivirus is not enough

You're most probably already using an antivirus, but here' why you need an extra layer of protection.When you're already infected, antivirus programs detect if a virus is on your PC and they remove it. But what you need is not to get infected in the first place, so that's where Heimdal kicks in, working proactively to detect and block financial stealing malware.

Unique, Powerful Intelligence

At Heimdal, we gather our leading intelligence to fight against cyber threats from a variety of sources such as:

  • Reverse engineering malware
  • Penetrating and infiltrating malware infrastructure
  • Sinkholing
  • Domain monitoring
  • Zero hour monitoring
  • Attack analysis
  • Cracking Domain generation algorithms (DGA's)
  • Crawling the darkest places of the internet